Tools of the Trade

- PHIS Graduate Conference 2006

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December 1-2, 2006



[Tietgen KompetenceCenter]




Jakob v.H. Holtermann

Louise Fabian Lund

Stig Andur Pedersen



PHIS, The Danish Research School in Philosophy, History of Ideas & History of Science, has the pleasure of inviting all PhD-students associated with the school to its 5th annual Graduate Conference: "Tools of the Trade".

The conference will take place at Tietgen Komptencecenter in Odense, December 1-2, 2006. Admission and accommodation is free of charge for PhD-students associated with the schools and accommodation and PHIS also covers travel expenses. Participation in the conference is awarded 2 ECTS credits.


"Tools of the Trade" - Theme and purpose for this years conference:

There is more to a PhD than just writing a thesis. Being a PhD-student means learning a craft. As a consequence, this year's Graduate Conference focuses on introducing some important tools of the trade.

To make you better equipped for future professional challenges, we have put together a program with a long list of distinguished academics giving inspiring talks and workshops on some of the most important aspects of PhD-life.