"You are under arrest. The very concept makes it impossible for you to move."
Demolition Man
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Please find below a list of publications and appearences in the media. Several titles are available online (some texts are in Danish). Feel free to follow the links. When they become published, the full citation to the published version of the article or book chapter is given. Readers are kindly requested to use the published citation, and to reference the page numbers in the published version of the article or book chapter.



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Jakob v. H. Holtermann

PhD & MA (Phil.), BA (Phil. & Lit.)
Associate Professor in Legal Philosophy
iCourts - Centre of Excellence for International Courts
Faculty of Law

University of Copenhagen
DK-1455 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 3532 3954
Mobile: +45 2680 2646
Mail: jvhh@jur.ku.dk